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Lash 'O' holics is your go-to beauty salon in Chicago, IL. We offer various services while providing our customers with the best customer care. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed and completely at ease when you step through our doors. Our salon provides a stress-free ambiance that lets you let go and enjoy the benefits of quality service.

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Brow Threading

Lash 'O' holics

Chicago, IL

Brow Threading

Lash 'O' holics delicately handles all your threading needs with our eyebrow threading service. This fast and very tidy method is perfect for those who have thin, fine eyebrow hair that waxing can't simply remove. It is also perfect for people with sensitive skin due to its non-chemical nature. Lash 'O' holics will provide the thorough eyebrow hair removal assistance you need to get your gorgeous eyebrows as smooth, healthy, and vibrant as you want them to be. For quality assistance for all your hair removal activities, give our eyebrow waxing and threading salon a visit today!